Company History

About Tradex Insurance Company Ltd

Founded in 1995, Tradex specialises in insurance for businesses in all sectors of the motor trade.  With headquarters in London, 4 further offices provide cover across Britain. 

When Tradex started it specialised in a market that many perceived to be more trouble than it was worth - the motor trade and its associated risks.

Over time, Tradex has built up a wide portfolio of motor trade business - from small to large, from specialist to general, from sales from home only to fully integrated sales, workshop and body shop enterprises. 

Unusual cover became another area of expertise; ice cream vans, funfairs, get you home services, specialist commercial - if it involved a vehicle, Tradex would cover it easily, efficiently and economically. 

Tradex has also developed into a major Public and Private hire Insurers in the UK.  

Our sister company, Clegg Gifford Co Ltd, is a Lloyd’s broker, established in 1967 writing motor trade & Taxi business. 

Tradex welcomes enquiries from brokers and direct customers alike.
Tradex Brokers can obtain Instant quotes via our Website, or the risk can be individually assessed on its own merits - Off Screen - a skill which is the cornerstone of the company’s success. This means that we are more likely to be able to quote for you - from a motor dealer to ice cream salesman to a car jockey, we are not phased by the unusual.