What do you get?

Tradex have an extremely flexible commercial vehicle insurance policy which enables you to insure your vehicles, tools, liabilities and much else besides all on one policy. We will consider all trades including those which are deemed high risk, and from all industries from tradesmen right through to those operating in the motor trade industry. We are known for being extremely flexible in the cover we can offer, and the terms we can accommodate including those with a poor claims history and those with bad credit or previously convicted for criminal offences. 

We can cover your personally owned vehicles under our fleet policy and extend for business use. The no claims bonus is earned under each individual driver's name including young drivers, and we can even cater for those with an adverse ​claims record or those without any no claims bonus. 

Choose Commercial Vehicle Insurance Type:

  • Local Authority requirements protected
  • Young drivers: with a parental guarantee for a higher excess – can have substantially reduced premiums.
  • Consider a high excess to bring down the premium you pay.
  • Factor in SORN and seldom used vehicles to provide a cheaper quote.
  • For commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s).
  • Unusual policies and requests for flexible cover terms.
  • Bonus Booster available. Offers those with no bonus a six month policy to accrue a year’s no claims bonus and subsequently use this with us on a full term policy.

Latest Customer Reviews

Dawn Spencer

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Whenever I call Tradex, which is quite often, I do have dealings with the existing team, the sales team and the direct debit team, everyone is always helpful and friendly. Even though occasionally there may be problems with mutual client's, they are always resolved. I always have a friendly, polite conversation with everyone I speak to at Tradex. A pleasure.

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