Looking For Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes?

At Tradex, we offer an extremely flexible range of commercial vehicle insurance policies which are designed to protect you against every risk you face. We can tailor a single policy that covers your vehicles, tools, liabilities and more. We also consider all the trades and industries that are considered high-risk, from plumbers and contractors to those operating in the motor trade.

We are also flexible in regard to the individuals we can accommodate, covering everything from young drivers to those with an adverse claims history, bad credit or those who have been previously been convicted of criminal offences. We can also cover personally owned vehicles under our fleet policy for business use and provide an exclusive Bonus Booster (find out more below) for those without a no claims bonus.

To get started, all we need is your contact information, a few details about your vehicle(s) and the type of cover you’re looking for. We can then provide you with a quick quote that could save you up to 50% on the cost of your existing premium.

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Features

  • Local Authority requirements protected
  • Young drivers - a parental guarantee for a higher excess can substantially reduce your premium
  • Consider a high excess to bring down the premium you pay
  • Factor in SORN and seldom used vehicles to provide a cheaper quote
  • For commercial work undertaken, we are unique in providing customised certificates for your specific occupation(s)
  • Unusual policies and requests for flexible cover terms
  • Bonus Booster available - We offer those without a no claims bonus an initial six-month policy which allows you to accrue a full year’s no claims bonus. That bonus can then be used on one of our full-term policies.


What is Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial vehicle insurance is the collective term for the different policies that cover the many types of vehicles businesses use in the course of their work. That includes taxis, minibuses, trucks, tippers, HGVs and everything in between. We also offer fleet van insurance, which is a single policy that covers businesses with multiple vehicles. 

Given that the livelihoods of so many people are tied to their ability to drive a van, truck or another vehicle, it’s vital you put commercial vehicle insurance in place that can get you back on the road quickly if the worst should happen. Find out more about commercial vehicle insurance by reading our FAQs. 

Do I Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

Commercial vehicles are often at a greater risk of theft and collisions than regular vehicles due to the high mileage they do and different locations they travel to. For that reason, standard vehicle insurance will usually not cover vehicles that are used for the carriage of goods or in connection with your work, which is why it’s essential you put commercial vehicle insurance in place.

Finding the right level of cover will not only keep your commercial vehicle road legal, but it will also ensure that your business is protected from unnecessary loss if something were to happen. Find out more by reading our FAQs.


What Type of Cover does Commercial Vehicle Insurance Provide?

Commercial vehicle insurance can be tailored to meet the specific risks you face. Just a few of the options we have here at Tradex include:

  • Fleet insurance – Keep the costs down and the paperwork to a minimum by covering all your commercial vehicles on a single tailored policy.
  • Named driver policies – This type of cover allows individuals who are named on the policy to drive certain vehicles. This is perfect if you have vehicles that are only ever driven by one or two employees.
  • Any driver policies – If you have a number of employees who need access to your vehicles then an any driver policy could be right for you. This is usually a more expensive policy as it allows any employee with a valid licence to drive your vehicle(s).

Find out more over at our FAQs.

Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance Mandatory?

Yes. The likelihood is that if your vehicle is used in connection with anything that involves taking payment or receiving an income then it will not be covered by a standard insurance policy. As a result, if you have an accident or the vehicle is stolen, your insurance could be null and void.

That’s why it’s so important you select a commercial vehicle insurance policy that best suits your needs, whether it’s making regular drop-offs, driving to several places of work or transporting goods and materials. Take a look at our FAQs for more.   

How does Commercial Insurance Work?

That’s really up to you. At Tradex, we offer so many different levels of cover and optional extras that you can tailor a policy that meets your specific needs. For that reason, you should always think carefully about the particular risks you face. You should also read the terms and conditions of the policy very carefully and check that you don’t already have relevant cover from another source that might protect you against certain risks. Read our FAQs for more.  


What Level of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover Do I Need?

Just like standard motor insurance, there are three levels of commercial vehicle insurance cover. That includes: third party only, third party fire and theft and comprehensive.

  • Third party only – This will cover you against any third party damage or injury claims made against your business in the event of an accident. Any repairs to your own vehicle will have to be made at your expense.
  • Third party fire and theft – This provides the same cover as the above but with the addition of cover for your own vehicle if it is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – Vehicles will be protected against any damage they sustain as a result of an accident, fire or theft.

Find out more about commercial vehicle insurance policies by reading our comprehensive FAQs.