What do you get?

Cover provided from the one-man band repairer through to large workshops. Tradex have lots of experience in providing insurance policies for crash repairers and panel beaters. Our policies will cover businesses of all types including one-man band mobile repairers, right through to substantial workshops focusing on niche repairs.

We are especially keen on businesses that employ apprentice panel-beaters and those with experience in the trade. That said, we do have many new ventures come to us each year and we can provide cover for start-ups as well as those going it alone for the first time.

One thing we do get asked is if you need to specialise only in vehicle repairs – the answer is you don’t.  Our flexible motor trade policies are designed so that we will cover both the activities that you undertake most regularly ​and those alongside your main trade; buying / selling, recovery, deliveries and lots of other side trades and occupations.

If you have an existing policy with another insurer, the easiest way for us to match and hopefully beat both the cover and price you currently have is for you to provide us with your renewal schedule from the other company – this ensures we build a policy that continues the cover you have enjoyed previously and perhaps adds extras that we feel you should have.

  • Can provide cover for regular business activities as well as those undertaken less often
  • Social, domestic and pleasure cover provided for everyday vehicles for Principals and Partners
  • We can attempt to match policies provided by other insurers and add additional extras we feel you should have
  • A wide range of business ventures covered
  • Bonus Booster available. Offers those with no bonus a six month policy to accrue a year’s no claims bonus and subsequently use this with us on a full term policy.