What do you get?

The most flexible multi-vehicle policy on the market.

Our Home Fleet Insurance policy is the most flexible multi-vehicle policy on the market. With one premium, one renewal date and one flexible policy that covers all your vehicles. The higher the number of vehicles in relation to drivers, the greater the premium can be saved. This highly flexible policy can cover any combination of vehicles, from family vehicles to classics, motorbikes, and commercial vehicles, horse boxes and everything else. 

We can even include foreign use up to 45 days free of charge, replacement vehicles following fault accidents or theft. Each driver will earn NCB in their own name and we can offer bonus protection. We can even give you the option to reduce your premiums by paying a higher excess. 

Choose Home Fleet Insurance Type:

  • All vehicles covered. More vehicles + fewer drivers = lower premiums.
  • DOC or DOV cover available. Comprehensive or TP only.
  • Unlimited windscreen
  • UK registered vehicles kept abroad permanently.
  • Family members included with their own business use.
  • Vehicles can be added during the first year as they become due.
  • Bonus Booster available. Offers those with no bonus a six month policy to accrue a year’s no claims bonus and subsequently use this with us on a full term policy.