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Motor Trade Insurance

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Tradex have been specialising in Motor Trade Insurance for 30 years.  We offer a total solution to cover all aspects of Motor Trading with our Enthusiasts, Minder and Trader policies.   

The Enthusiasts Policy
Ideal for the individual who wants to trade from home buying and selling either on a full or part-time basis.  Other occupations or vehicles uses can be added - full disclosure necessary to ensure correct cover. 
The Minder Policy
For the bona fide Motor Trader handling customers vehicles and needing complete protection.  Our policy is designed to cover the trader for driving vehicles and customer claims of negligence or service indemnity, mechanical, service, repairs, valeting, storage, collection and delivery.  
The Trader Policy
Businesses with their own premises that buy and sell ranging from the carlotter to the large franchise dealerships.  A points rated policy that allows all of the facets of your business to be finely tuned in our premium calculations, with particular leaning to "shared ventures" on risks to drive a competitive premium. 

Enthusiast Policy

Minder Policy

Trader Policy