What do you get?

The “Get Me Home Service” Insurance policy is perfect for the car jockey and self-employed driver or for the chauffeur who drives customers’ vehicles. For those operating late at night or undertaking delivery services we can provide varying limits for customer vehicle value, including prestige vehicles.

We cover new ventures, employees and other flexible terms, including your liability cover. The taxi insurance policy can also be adapted to include own vehicles and motorbikes / mopeds that collapse into the boot. 

  • Perfect for the car jockey or self-employed driver
  • New venture cover provided
  • Flexible terms included
  • Can be extended to include motorbikes / mopeds that collapse in the boot
  • Bonus Booster available. Offers those with no bonus a six month policy to accrue a year’s no claims bonus and subsequently use this with us on a full term policy.

The type of businesses can we cover

Tradex can offer insurance for the employees of any business (existing or new venture) or self-employed person who drives, parks or stores their customers’ vehicles including Car Jockeys and Chauffeurs.

Car Jockeys

A Car Jockeys’ business may be:

* Airport parking
* Ferry terminal parking
* Hotel, nightclub, restaurant or casino parking
* Event parking (including weddings and festivals)
* Car valeting

We can cover static parking risks, multiple premises or compound cover.


Tradex can offer insurance to a chauffeur who may be:

* a self-employed driver 
* a driver driving as part of a contract
* one or numerous vehicles of different engine sizes, values and specifications including prestige vehicles (single vehicles or fleet) 
* your own vehicles and motorbikes / mopeds that collapse in the boot
* a mixture of both public and private hire

Your unique insurance needs 

Your insurance policy will be tailored to your unique requirements and to the specific risks of your business.  As well as basic road risk insurance, cover is available for:

* Public and Employers’ Liability 
* Business Interruption cover
* Legal expenses cover
* Office and equipment cover
* Tools and equipment cover
* Money cover