Driving Test: Learner Drivers' Superstitions Revealed

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Learner Drivers' Superstitions Revealed 

Britons share their driving test tips and superstitious rituals they performed before taking their driving test


Recent research carried out by the AA Driving School suggests that people go way beyond wearing their lucky t-shirt to pass their driving test.

Some rituals include wearing different clothes to the ones worn during a previously unsuccessful driving test. Other rituals are slightly stranger, such as cracking eggs on the tyres of cars or eating the same meal that another family member ate before they went on to pass their driving test. Both individuals who carried out these rituals passed their tests. Although we personally don’t think you’re any more likely to pass just by performing certain rituals, we concede that it could help on a subconscious level if it boosts confidence.

Other rituals include saluting magpies (?!) and refusing to take tests on certain “unlucky” dates such as Friday 13th. Even driving instructors have certain rituals. One driving instructor always carries a cuddly monkey toy that he places at the back of the car and tells people that “monkey knows they can pass”.  He is also averse to allowing learners to take their driving tests at certain times, and makes sure they take their test in the morning, usually around 9:07am or 10:14am.

Although these rituals seem to have helped in those cases, for some it definitely is a case of “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” and some cases maybe they need to try several times before they pass. In fact recently a 24 year-old passed on their 24th attempt. They were one of eight learner drivers in the UK to have taken at least 20 driving tests by the end of 2013.

We think ultimately, passing a test is down to driving well, but if carrying out these rituals helps with confidence levels then who are we to argue?  

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Photo by Fernando Butcher.

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