Tradex's Advice For Driving in Hot Weather

driving in hot weather

Here are our tips on staying safe while driving in hot weather


Now that summer is upon us, here is our advice on how to stay safe on the roads when the temperature soars.

1. Take a bottle of water with you while travelling to help stay awake and keep alert. Also make sure to take regular breaks as driving in hot weather can be especially tiring.

2. Check coolant levels and make sure that the engine is not overheating.  An overheated engine may not only cause a lot of damage but may even write the car off. Also make sure to check oil levels.

3. Keep your vehicle well ventilated to avoid drowsiness and make sure that the air conditioning is working properly.

4. If you feel your vision is impaired due to bright or direct sunlight slow down or if it’s convenient, stop. Also remember to keep your sunglasses handy.

5. Be aware that tarmac and other road surfaces may even begin to melt in hot weather conditions as this can cause the surface to become very slippery.

6. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated as under inflated tyres are more likely to fail or rupture in the heat.  Also check the tyres for any damage.

7. Don’t leave pets/children in a parked car. Temperatures inside a car can easily climb by as much as 16°C so it’s important not to leave children or animals inside. Even parking the car in the shade does not stop the temperature from rapidly increasing.

8. Take sunscreen in case you break down and have to spend time outside the car stood in the sun.

9. Manage any summer allergies that you might have. Sneezing, swollen or runny eyes can prove distracting while driving and some over-the-counter prescription treatments can cause drowsiness so talk to your doctor or pharmacist regarding treatments that won’t cause drowsiness or slow reaction times.

10. Be mindful of motorcyclists or bicyclists. In the summer more people get on their bikes (whether it’s a motorbike or a pushbike). So be constantly aware of your surroundings and make sure to keep extra distance behind motorbikes and pushbikes. 

Photo by Leena J.

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