Preparing Your Car For Spring: Top Tips

preparing your car for spring

Preparing Your Car For Spring​

With spring fast approaching, it’s time to ensure that your car is ready to endure the change in weather, from cleaning off the grit that may have accumulated on the bodywork.

What You Need to Prepare Your Car for Spring

  • Air conditioning

Spring will (hopefully) see the weather begin to warm up. Although we seldom see particularly hot temperatures at this time of year, it is advisable to get your air-con serviced annually, and spring seems like a good time of year for that to occur in preparation for the warmer weather.

  • Pollen Filter

In addition to getting your air conditioning serviced annually, it’s advisable to replace your car’s pollen filter. Hay fever sufferers who travel in your vehicle will thank you for it and if you’re driving and suffering from hay fever it’s vital you suffer from as little distraction and irritation as possible.  

  • Wiper blades

Ensure that your wiper blades are free from the elements that spring can bring. Elements such as snow, pollen, and blossom can get stuck on the windscreen and subsequently traces can be caught in the wipers. Replace your wiper blades if you see fit.

  • Attend to your car’s exterior

If you’ve experienced a chilly winter, the likelihood is that the roads in your neighbourhood have been gritted. The salt can be corrosive and if left on your vehicle, can cause rusting. So it’s best to clean the exterior of your car. If possible, clean your car as often as you can throughout the winter to prevent build-up of the grit.

  • Check your tyres

The number of pot holes often spike around winter time and this can affect your wheel and tyre alignment. Tyres that are not aligned properly can wear out more quickly so it’s a good idea to inspect them to avoid additional costs in future.  It’s also a good idea to inspect tread depth (the legal minimum depth is 1.6mm), or change back from winter tyres if they were used. 

  • Check your battery 

Cold weather can have a harmful effect on a car's battery so it's always useful to make sure that it's working properly. If your motor is slow to start or your battery is old, consider having it replaced at your local garage. 

If you work in a garage you may expect more people coming in over the coming season to ensure that their car is fit for the change in season. Tradex has been specialising in motor trade insurance for 30 years. 

Photo by Phil Denton.

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