TfL to increase the number of taxi ranks in the capital

​Number of taxi ranks in the capital  

The number of taxi ranks is predicted to grow by 100 to make it easier for individuals to find a cab.

Every year in London, 700 million taxi journeys are completed and over a third of those began at a taxi rank. Demand rises as the city grows, and to address the increase in demand, and improve public security by introducing safe transport options in locations less well connected by public transport, Transport for London is planning to increase the number of taxi ranks by 100.

Easier To Find a Cab

A press release was published on the TfL website detailing the taxi ranks action plan, stating that £600,000 would be invested to increase the number of taxi ranks by 20% by 2020 taking the number up to 600 as there are currently almost 500 taxi ranks. The cost to appoint a single taxi rank ranges from £2,000 to £5,000. A review is expected to be completed by 2016 of London’s current taxi network and where improvements can be made.

Also, earlier today, London’s taxi drivers attended a Q&A session with Peter Hendy – Commissioner of TfL, to address the current inadequate number of taxi ranks available in the city. The issue is obviously of significant importance to many taxi drivers, as an overwhelming number attended. The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association even posted an update on Twitter saying that the GLA meeting was full to capacity, and drivers were even being turned away.

TfL’s plans are part of an ongoing initiative to improve understanding on how London’s transport links can be improved by the use of taxis in areas which are currently poorly served by other modes of transport. The introduction of more taxi ranks is just one aspect of this initiative, some others include the improved communication with the taxi trade in regards to ranks, monthly progress meetings and reviewing usage of taxi ranks in central London.

Tradex has extensive experience of offering taxi insurance, so we’ll be intrigued to see how plans develop for extra taxi ranks to improve London’s transport network. 

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