Top Five Dash Cams on the Market

We’ve highlighted the benefits of having a dash cam installed in your vehicle and how it can save money on your car insurance. An increasing number of drivers are buying and installing dash cams in their car as a way to reduce their insurance premiums and ensure their safety while driving.

Our Top 5 Dash Cam Picks:

1. Nextbase InCarCam 402G Professional

Nextbase InCarCam 402G Professional

This camera received the highest rating on Halfords and it’s not difficult to see why. At £149.99 RRP it’s not cheap, but it makes gains with its special Wide Dynamic Range feature which captures the best quality image possible, even in low light. The Nextbase has won many accolades from industry bodies and motoring publications including the Best Buy award from Which? and The Sunday Times.

2. BlackVue DR650GW 2CH

BlackVue DR650GW 2CH

The BlackVue DR650GW 2CH is another dash cam that verges on the pricey side. At £289.99 it’s the most expensive dash cam on our list, but you virtually get two cameras for the price of one, as it records both front view and rear view images. Furthermore, these images are of excellent quality which should prove immensely helpful should you find yourself involved in a collision. The dash cam does not have a display, which may benefit some who find that they would be distracted by a screen playing the recording. The BlackVue DR650GW 2CH is also compatible with a 64GB sound card which if used, should record up to 12 hours of footage.

3. Mio MiVue 538 Deluxe

Mio MiVue 538 Deluxe

The Mio MiVue 538 Deluxe (£149.99) is another dash cam that has been highly rated.  It boasts high picture and sound quality, a wide range of features. The field of vision it captures may be on the narrow side at 130 degrees, but it redeems itself with a revolving mounting cradle which allows you to position the camera where you see fit, ease of use and an automatic overlay showing speed and GPS co-ordinates. It’s also small with dimensions of 77 x 60 x 14.8 mm (H x W x D), so it can be fitted to your dashboard without looking too inconspicuous or cause any obstruction to view.


4. Transcend DrivePro 200 

Transcend DrivePro 200

The Transcend DrivePro 200 is probably one of the more modestly priced dash cams on our list, coming in around the £80 - £90 mark (£88.47 from the BT shop).  It’s an older model and it’s safe to say that dash cams have evolved since its release, but with high recording quality and a wide angle lens that captures 160 degree shots, this dash cam still proves itself to be a popular choice with consumers.


5) Garmin Dash Cam 20

Garmin Dash Cam 20

This dash cam is meant to hang from your windscreen rather than fit onto your dashboard, so perhaps it has been slightly misnamed. The Garmin Dash Cam (£139.16) comes equipped with a wide angle lens comparable to that of a GoPro which captures both still and motion shots and an integrated microphone that allows you to record sound inside the video.  If you do decide to purchase this model, please keep in mind that you may want to additionally purchase a large memory card, as the one included can only store up around 5 hours of data depending on the resolution it is recorded at.

As we’ve expressed above, dash cams are becoming increasingly popular within the motoring world. Not least with taxi drivers who find that dash cams can provide invaluable evidence in the case of bilking or assault. At Tradex we encourage the use of dash cams and if you have one installed you could be eligible for a discount on your taxi insurance policy. 

Image c/o Paul Townsend 

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