5 Taxi Driver Safety Tips You Should Know

Working as a taxi driver can sometimes mean that you can find yourself in uncomfortable situations. One of your main priorities would be personal safety as you’ll often be working alone and have various strangers sitting in the back of your cab.

Top 5 Taxi Driver Safety Tips

1. First thing to consider is what you should keep on your person at all times so that you’re equipped to deal with a range of situations that you may find yourself in over the course of the day. Prepare a little safety kit that you can keep on you at all times. This should generally consist of at the bare minimum; a pen and notepad to log any incidents, a set of spare keys, a mobile phone, and an emergency card detailing your name, blood group and contact numbers.  It’s also worthwhile carrying a first aid kit for personal use as you never know when you might need a plaster!

2. Invest in a dash cam. As mentioned in our previous post on how dash cam can help save you money on your car insurance; installing a dash cam can help keep you safe and collect evidence in the case you have to make a bilking claim.  

3. Stay close to the taxi. If you leave your taxi in the middle of the night to apprehend a customer who has left your taxi without paying, you’re more likely to find yourself in a vulnerable position. That fare money isn’t worth compromising your personal safety for. Also, if you have a screen fitted then it’s best to stay inside your taxi as it can shield you from attack. This leads us on nicely to our next point.

4. Consider fitting a screen to protect yourself from assault. The screens that are normally fitted are made from materials that can endure knife attacks or violent assaults.  

5. Drop cash off regularly and ensure that you never carry too much in your vehicle. If for any reason you are unable to drop off cash, ensure that what you have is hidden from view.

If in the unfortunate event you are attacked, do not try to fight back as you cannot guarantee that the assailant does not have a weapon. Make a mental note of what they look like and jot it down when you get a chance. Call 999 for help and if possible, try and draw attention to the scene from the general public. If you work for a firm, private hire drivers should contact their operators and taxi drivers should contact their radio circuits.

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Other news

You may only be driving a customer’s vehicle for a short length of time but there is always the potential for accidents, even with the most careful of drivers. Long stay parker insurance allows you and your employees to move customer vehicles that have been left under your control.

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