10 Surprising Facts about the London Black Cab

london black cab

The iconic London black cab is synonymous with London culture. However, there are many things about the London black cab and the trade which many (even Londoners) are unaware of.

10 Surprising Facts about the London Black Cab

Facts About the London Black ​Cab

1. Did you know that despite its name, a black cab doesn’t actually have to be black? Even though black may be the most common colour, they can come in a variety of colours, with white, red, blue and yellow all being acceptable.

2. The black cab is designed to have a turning circle of 25ft. This allows taxis to manoeuvre in tight spaces and for them to navigate London’s roads more easily.

3. Despite the advantages of flexible working hours, only around 2% of black cab drivers are women.

4. Technically, shouting out taxi when a black cab drives past you is illegal and the taxi will not stop for you. If you do want to hail a cab (and make sure it will pick you up), simply stand at the curb and raise your arm out.

5. Taxis are only available for hire if the light at the top is illuminated. If it is off it means that it’s already carrying passengers.

6. The term “taxi” derives from a long line of other related words. It is often shortened from the word “taxi-cab” which in turn was formed by merging the words “taximeter” and “cabriolet”. The taximeter is of course, the device used to calculate the fare and the word is derived from the Latin word “taxa” which means “to tax or charge”. A cabriolet refers to the old fashioned horse drawn carriage.

7. In order to obtain the much coveted “green badge”, would-be black cab drivers have complete “The Knowledge”. Conditions on passing the exams include the ability to memorise 320 routes, 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks within a six mile radius of Charing Cross. It usually takes the hopeful black cab driver around 2-4 years to pass depending on how much they practise.

8.  A black cab has to be tall enough to comfortably accommodate a passenger wearing a bowler hat. 

9. There are approximately around 21,000 black cabs operating in London.  Many black cab drivers own their own vehicle and are considered to be self-employed.

10. Perhaps a fact more pertaining to personal safety, but black cabs are the only taxis allowed to ply for hire. It is illegal for a minicab to pick you up off the street. So if you’re trying to hail a cab and a minicab stops, do not get in! There’s a chance that the vehicle could be unlicensed and you cannot verify the identity of the driver.

That sums up our top ten interesting facts about the London black cab. Tradex has been providing taxi insurance for some 20 + years, so there’s not much we haven’t seen in our time.  

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