80th Anniversary of the Driving Test

Anniversary of the Driving Test 

The driving test celebrates its 80th birthday today, after being introduced on 1st June 1935. To celebrate, we’ve put together some interesting facts about the driving test.

9 Fun Facts About the Driving Test


1. Since 1935, around 50 million driving tests have been taken in the UK.

2. The current pass rate is 47% compared to 63% in 1935. 

3. Gairloch in Scotland has the highest pass rate of anywhere in the UK. In 2014, 93.8% of the 16 people who undertook their driving test passed it, compared to Belvedere in London, which has the lowest pass rate in the UK where less than a third of candidates passed.


4. From May 1975 candidates no longer had to demonstrate arm signals. Before this, individuals were asked to drive for a short period of time using arm signals only.

5. During the period of the Second World War until 1st November 1946, driving tests were suspended and instructors were redeployed to supervising fuel rations and domestic traffic duties.

6. The advancement in technology has had a profound impact on the way that candidates can take their test. From 19th December 2001 individuals were able to book their theory test online, and from 24th October 2003 individuals were able to book their practical test online. On the 12th January 2015, computer generated images replaced filmed video clips for the hazard perception portion of the driving theory test.


7. In 1973, it became compulsory for moped and motorcycle riders to wear a safety helmet. The top speed for a moped was also restricted to 30mph.

8. The record number of times someone has taken their theory test stands at 113 times, which works out that £3,500 was spent passing the theory, which individuals have to pass before they can undertake the practical exam.

9. It took Ozzy Osbourne 19 attempts to pass his driving test. 


10. According to the DSVA, men are more likely to pass the practical test, and women are six per cent more likely to pass the theory test.

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