Makers of New Eco-Friendly London Cab in Legal Dispute

london black cab 

New Eco-Friendly London Cab 

The London Taxi Company Sue Over Design of New Metrocab

London's new eco-friendly Metrocab is facing legal opposition from the makers of the classic London Black Cab over its design. The London Taxi Company have accused Frazer-Nash Research Ltd. and Ecotive Ltd. of infringing its trademarks. A trial is currently expected to take place in November regarding the matter.


The new electric black cab has been launched in accordance with Boris Johnson's plans to reduce air pollution and make all of London's black cabs zero-emission by 2018. A new dedicated facility in Coventry will be delivering the new environmentally friendly vehicles, with production expected to start next year.


Frazer-Nash filed court documents stating that “The identity of the manufacturer of the car is a matter of supreme indifference to the passenger”. The London Taxi Company have asked for a market survey to be considered as evidence as part of the trial. The London Taxi Compan y are specifically alleging that the new Metrocab's shape is an infringement on their design trademarks.


The new Metrocab produced by Frazer-Nash is currently roaming London's streets as part of a road trial. The new vehicle features high tech features and improved seating for passengers. Pricing for the new vehicle has not been released, but is estimated to cost a no mare than the existing London Black Cab, which is priced at £33,000. Taxi drivers have been promised that the new vehicle will offer increased fuel efficiency over the existing black cab model, with an estimated £200 weekly saving on fuel for drivers that work 5 days a week.


As one of the UK's largest taxi insurance companies, we will be keeping a close look at how the case develops and report on the outcome once the case has gone to trial.


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