Top 5 Most Annoying Driving Habits


Most Annoying Driving Habits

Is middle lane hogging really the UK’s most annoying driving habit?

It has been recently reported that the first conviction for “middle lane hogging” has been handed out (police gained power to issue a fixed penalty notice for this offence in 2013). We explore the motoring habits that annoy UK drivers the most.

1. Playing music loudly

You see many people driving around with their windows down playing loud music from their car’s music system. It’s considered a nuisance to others, especially in more residential areas.

2. Slowing to look at a road traffic accident

This causes unnecessary traffic build up and jams, especially when the accident isn’t even on your side of the motorway. It’s also considered bad taste, and if you’re caught taking a picture you can be prosecuted for using your phone whilst driving.

3. Failing to indicate

This seems to particularly wind up people when they’re at a roundabout. The uncertainty of not knowing what other drivers are going to do, or where they are going can cause drivers anxiety as well as increase the likelihood of an accident occurring. The Highway Code says that you should use Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre at all stages.

4. Staying in the middle lane

You know, the drivers that cruise along in the middle lane for miles on end, blocking others from pulling into the lane to overtake slower cars or funnelling faster traffic into just one lane. The correct use of the motorway lanes is to drive in the inside lane, and use the other lanes to overtake.

5. Tailgating

Tailgating is always cited as an annoying habit and can be considered aggressive behaviour towards other drivers. Also, if you hit a car from behind, you are automatically considered to be at fault for following the car in front too closely, unless you can prove otherwise.

Changes introduced in 2013 allow police to issue fixed penalty notices for careless driving, which then frees up resource that could be concentrated on costly court processes. Other offences that were introduced, or for which the fixed penalty has risen for in 2013 include tailgating and overtaking on the inside lane. 

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