One third of all car journeys delayed due to roadworks


One third of car journeys delayed due to roadworks  

Half of motorists think the condition of Britain’s roads is worsening

This comes after a freedom of information request was issued, which revealed that the number of roadworks taking place had increased by 21%. The M1 is the motorway which frustrates motorists the most, and with good reason. The M1 has one of the longest running roadwork projects, with maintenance at junction 10a which commenced in October 2013 and to this date, still hasn’t been finished. The M6 and M25 followed closely as motorways with roadworks that annoy drivers the most.

Surprisingly, the government has actually given local authorities money to fix damaged roads, but motorists have not seen an improvement, and instead, over half of those surveyed have complained that the quality of roads is declining. On average, each council has spent £6 million on road repairs in local areas, with Argyll and Bute Council in Scotland having 837 road maintenance projects outstanding. The number of ongoing projects per council increased between 2013, where there was an average of 115 outstanding roadwork projects, and 2014 where the average was 139.

The roadworks have had profound effects on how people travel, with one in twenty motorists experiencing a car breakdown and almost a million have had their car damaged in some way. If your car has even been damaged by a road maintained by the Highways Agency, you can claim for damage to your vehicle by giving details of the damage and where it occurred.

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