MoT system failure means motorists could face fines


The DVSA’s online system is currently struggling to cope with demand

The glitch comes as the DVSA have switched to a cloud based system, allowing the use of apps to record data onto phones and other electronic devices such as iPads. Garages have to issue old style MoT certificates due to the fact that the DVSA is struggling to cope with the current demand, and garages are forced to issue paper MoT certificates or delay MoTs. It is uncertain how many of the 16,000 garages that have switched to the new system have been affected by the glitch.

If a MoT isn’t completed then motorists will be either driving illegally or will have to make the decision to give up driving until they can successfully put their vehicle in for an MoT. Without having completed a MoT successfully, drivers will be unable to tax their vehicle. The DVSA carries out around 29 million MOTs annually. Drivers are arguing that because the MoT is not recorded on the national computer system, they are at risk of being pulled over by police.

DVSA’s chief executive Alastair Peoples said that they were well aware of the delay and are working tirelessly to rectify the situation and minimise the number of people affected by the disruption. Whilst the new system is experiencing teething problems, he advised that garages can still carry out MOTs, issue paper certificates and send the details to the DVSA manually. According to the DVSA, if a motorist is stopped by the police, it is up to them to produce the paper MoT certificate and explain why details have not yet been added to a database.

Although moving to online systems can be less costly and more efficient, it has been argued that the current glitches are doing very little to instil confidence in drivers for the new technology. 

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