8 of the World's Strangest Driving Laws


Keep in mind that different countries have different laws, here are some surprising road laws that you may not be aware of.

World's Strangest Driving Laws

1. In Germany pets require restraining when you are driving.

 If you are planning on taking your dog with you on a road trip be aware that if you are going through Germany you will have to ensure you have a harness for your dog and it is properly restrained and cannot slip or fall whilst driving.

2. In Germany your car is considered your own personal space

It’s perfectly legal to drive around without any clothes on in Germany. In Germany your car is categorised as being your “personal space” and nudity is allowed, however you should ensure you are properly attired once you step out of your vehicle.

3. All French cars have to carry a breathalyser.

As of 1st July 2012 all French cars in France have to carry an unused, self-test breathalyser, however if they are found to be without one they are no longer subject to an 11 euro fine.

4. Put down that burger

In Cyprus you’re not permitted to eat or drink anything behind the wheel. This is not just limited to alcohol, but even bottled water is not permitted to be drunk behind the wheel either.  So it’s best to ensure that you’re well hydrated and fed before setting off on your journey.

5. The lights never go out

In Finland all motorists must have their headlights or daytime running lights on during all times of day and throughout the year.  Even in the summer or when it’s daylight out.

6. Netherlands

In the Netherlands it’s illegal to use a radar detector. If you are caught with one you can be fined €430 and the device will be confiscated.

7. Russia

In Russia it is illegal to pick up hitchhikers and the consequence of doing so could entail a hefty fine.

8. Denmark

In Denmark it’s compulsory to check underneath your car for sleeping children before setting off in it. 

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