Lack of parking costing workers 5 hours a week


Lack of parking costing workers 5 hours a week 

The issue is especially prolific in London, where almost half of employees have concerns about where they are going to park

One in seven drivers are arriving to work at least an hour earlier every day to secure a parking space, it has been revealed. Pressure lays heaviest on low-income workers where they are unable to start work earlier and take time off to compensate for the longer working day. London tops the list when it comes to parking paranoia, where 24% of those who commute to work by car arrive up to an hour early to find a parking space. This is closely followed by the West Midlands and the North East. Those living in East Anglia and Scotland are least likely to feel compelled to arrive into work an hour early to find a parking space, with 10% and 12% admitting to it.

If your company provides parking but you’re unable to find a spot when you arrive into work, you have several other options available to you. Various apps are now available which provide information on available parking spaces. For example Parkopedia’s parking maps allows you to find spaces in 52 countries, and initiatives such as JustPark allow you to reserve and book a parking space wherever you want for however long you need it. Another online marketplace that allows you to purchase parking spaces is YourParkingSpace. YourParkingSpace is available in many British cities and also at popular venues, so you don’t have to arrive hours early to find a space before a popular sporting event!

Perhaps another way to remedy this is to implement a car sharing scheme.  For example with Drive Now for a £29 joining fee you can access up to 210 cars, which if you are in London should be available within a five-minute walking distance.  

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