Drivers urged to check lights after clocks go back


Drivers urged to check lights after clocks go back 

The most dangerous day of the year for driving 

Research conducted by Halfords has shown that more than one in ten (10.1%) of vehicles have faults with their lights which could raise the potential of an accident occurring. This especially affects this time of year when the clocks have gone back and the time where the most casualties occur is now in darkness (late afternoon / early evening).

The investigation found that 218 of 2,147 vehicles at a busy junction between 7:30pm and 9pm shouldn’t have been on the roads because of the condition of their lights.

Along with checking your lights are working correctly; here are some safety tips you should abide by now the clocks have gone back:-

1. Ensure your vision is uninhibited

Make sure before you set off that your windows are clean and fully de-misted and de-iced and nothing is obstructing your vision.

2. Check your lights are working

Before you leave ensure that your lights are working. You should check headlights, brake lights, indicators and reverse lights. If any fail to work it could mean for example a cyclist could fail to notice you indicating and an accident could occur.

3. Be aware of the effect adverse weather conditions could have on the roads

Slippery or icy conditions are more prevalent during the winter months, so ensure that you’re paying attention to your surroundings and ensure that your speed matches the conditions.

4. Be cautious and get to know your surroundings

Take your time to properly check that the roads are clear before proceeding. In the summer when it’s light the conditions are better so you might not need as much time to check that there is no oncoming traffic or cyclists, but when it’s darker it’s much more difficult to see so take extra time to make sure there’s no traffic in your path. 

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