Radical Plans to Adopt Zero-Tolerance Approach Speeding


Plans to Adopt Zero-Tolerance Approach Speeding 

Drivers who exceed 70 mph on the motorway will be fined

Motorists will be forced to pay £100 and have points added to their licence in accordance with new plans to automatically fine motorists who exceed 70 mph on the motorway. The concept was developed by Bedfordshire police and will be trialled on a stretch of the M1. If motorists are caught they can choose between a £100 fine or paying £90 and attending a speed awareness course. Most motorists choose to complete the speed awareness course as it is the cheaper option and means that they do not incur points on their licence. The revenue raised from the speed awareness course will go to the police force and ensure that they do not have to make cuts to the force. The new measures will leave no room for leniency, as Bedfordshire police admit to plans to prosecute those who travel at even 71mph.

Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Olly Martins told The Telegraph: “If motorists do not like it then they can always stick to the speed limit.

“If it is a question of reducing the force by 25 officers or introducing this scheme, then I am going to go for his every time.

“We have lobbied the Home Office for fair funding but they have not listened so I am forced to come up with new ways of raising revenue.

“Strict enforcement of the speed limit could raise as much as £1 million, so it is something I have to take seriously.”

Motoring bodies have taken steps to condemn the move, stating that police forces shouldn’t be using speed cameras to raise revenue. Hugh Blandon, co-founder of the Association of British Drivers, told The Telegraph:  “I think this is a dangerous precedent. I am really appalled that a police force should be even considered such an idea.

“My fear is that if police forces see this working in one area they will quickly adopt a similar approach and soon the whole motorway network will be operating a zero tolerance policy”.

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