Unusual Cars that would Definitely need Insurance


Unusual Cars that would Definitely need Insurance 

Some people have the rare talent to make something unusual from what’s more commonly found out and about. For instance, there are unusual insurance policies that cover vehicles you never thought possible to roam the face of this Earth. Take a look below to see our list of most unusual cars and the covers that come with them.

1. Takayanagi Muluira: Steam Punk Brought to Life



Though released in March 2011, this quirky electric car embraces steampunk style. It can run at a speed of 37mph and reach up to 22 miles. Coming from Japan, the Miluira would’ve been one of the most unusual covers, mainly because of the style of the car itself, but also because of the difficulty in pronouncing the letter “l” in that region. This classic car would definitely need to be insured, and if you’re thinking of picking a car like this up, make sure you know exactly how to do so.

2. Peel P50: The World’s Smallest Car



Peel P50 is a three-wheeled micro car that is currently considered to be the smallest car in the world. Looking like a kiddy vehicle, it’s actually legal to take this for a drive across British roads.

While it’s perfect for parking and squeezing into heavily crowded streets, this tiny car exposes its driver into risks, too. For one, it’s hard to see it so it’s more prone to accidents. You can’t really blame its owner when he asks for an insurance policy.

3. Batmobile: The Coolest Superhero Vehicle Ever