Motorhomes, Insurance and You: All you Need to Know

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Motorhomes, Insurance and You 

The freedom of owning a motorhome is a magnificent thing. Rain or shine, autumn or spring, the intrepid amongst us can take to the road and explore everything our amazing country – and continent – have to offer, whenever the fancy takes us.

But it's not all grand adventures and scenic spots. Before we can take to the road, we need to make sure our vehicles are completely covered by insurance which makes certain wherever we go our motorhomes are safe – and protected against damage caused to others.

Somewhat different to insurance for more standard, “everyday” vehicles, it's worth knowing your stuff when it comes to motorhome insurance. That's why we've put together a very quick guide to make sure you are on board with the basics:

Types of motorhome insurance

There is a lot of variation between different vehicles of this type. Some may call for specific RV insurance, in other cases more general motorhome insurance will suffice. Different insurers will take different approaches to categorising and insuring motor homes. While some will bracket them broadly, others will insure based on whether the vehicle is:

  • A micro motorhome
  • A van conversion
  • A campervan
  • Overcab or coachbuilt
  • An American RV
  • Low-profile
  • A Class


What does motorhome insurance cover?

There is a range of options you might want to choose from when selecting the level of cover you want for your motorhome. Some policies will simply protect you on the road to the minimum level required by UK law. These policies provide liability for injury to others and damage to property (this is known as Third Party Only - TPO - insurance).

Other policies are much more comprehensive and take account of the possessions and equipment you may have on board. Third Party Fire & Theft (TPFT) provides the original basic level of protection, plus cover for fire damage, the theft of your motorhome and damage caused by a theft.

For even more protection, motorhome owners opt for comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive policies vary according to the provider but may include:

  • At fault damage
  • European cover
  • Contents insurance
  • Roadside assistance
  • & more


Reducing motorhome insurance quotes

If you'd like to spend less on camper insurance, you may want to consider installing a few safety measures. Check with your provider to find out if they can offer reductions should you:​ 

Working with an experienced broker can also help you reduce the cost of RV insurance. Thanks to decades spent working closely with insurers, our team can help you find fast, cost-effective quotes which keep you covered wherever you roam. Ask us about motorhome insurance today.

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