5 Worst Places to Break Down in the UK

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Worst Places to Break Down in the UK 

That little red warning light is never a happy sight, whether you're right outside your local garage or in the pandemonium of Central London at rush hour. There are, however, some UK locations which will give you a much stronger dose of “that sinking feeling” when your vehicle judders to an untimely halt. 

Here are the five worst locations for your car to break down in the UK. Warning triangles at the ready, everybody...

1. The M40
With seemingly endless stretches of road between junctions and virtually no slip roads to speak of, the M40 is a nightmare spot for vehicles to go kaput. The layout and geography of this major motorway running from London to Birmingham means that roadside assistance could be stuck in traffic behind you for hours, leaving you stranded surrounded by multiple lanes of heavy traffic. Not ideal.

2. The A494
This A road running from Gwynedd, Wales into England was recently listed by the RAC as one of the worst in Britain when it comes to phone coverage. That means, if you break down on this stretch, summoning help could prove pretty tricky. Even 3G and 4G are inaccessible on this Welsh road.

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3. Assynt Peninsula, Scotland
If you break down on the Assynt Peninsula in the Scottish Highlands, you're probably going to be waiting a very long time for assistance (unless a friendly local happens to be passing). This area is one of the most sparsely populated places in Europe and, while it's chock full of castles, mountains and moorland, tow trucks are somewhat less abundant.

4. Lindisfarne, Northumberland
While visiting the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, you should probably pray that your car doesn't break down on the island or halfway along its causeway at low tide. This island, once inhabited by some of England's earliest Christian monks, is cut off from the mainland when the tide rises, making a breakdown very inconvenient indeed.

5. The Pennines, England
Astonishingly beautiful, this Northerly area of England is mountainous and breath-taking, but it's also blooming difficult to access by car. Tiny, twisting roads and sharp inclines make this a challenging area to drive in, and a break down could make you very unpopular with locals if you end up blocking one of the area's few roads. A tow isn't likely to arrive quickly either, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the view...

Where is the worst place you've ever broken down? Share your story below, or contact the Tradex team to arrange unbeatable cover, wherever you roam.

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