Best Gifts for Car Lovers: Tradex's Ideas

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that Christmas is on its way. All the telltale signs are here. The Christmas lights are on, Christmas trees are going up, advent calendars are being opened and some of us have even had some snow. But what is the most wonderful time of the year for many Brits, can be a nightmare for those of you who spend hours on end browsing the many stores looking for something, anything, to buy your near and dearest.   

Gifts for Car Lovers​

That’s where the team at Tradex can help. As a group of bona fide car lovers, we have a few gift suggestions to get you out of the shops and home to the mulled wine and mince pies. So what are the best gifts for car lovers this Christmas? Here’s our list...

  1. Extreme stunt driving experience day – £149.99


    “Careful, dad!” - Image not reflective of actual experience

    Dad might be a tax accountant now, but what about those dreams he once harboured of a being a Hollywood stunt driver? Well, now you can make those dreams come true. This stunt driving experience will teach the car lover in your family some of the basic stunts used in TV and films all over the world. The experience will begin with the all-important safety briefing, before getting behind the wheel to learn stunt driving staples such as handbrake turns, doughnuts and the high-speed parallel park.

  2. Lego Ferrari F40 - £75.00

    Looking for something to keep the car lover in your family quiet and out of the way on Christmas Day? This 1000-piece Lego model of the iconic Italian speed machine, complete with its own brick built V8, will keep them entertained and humming along to Chris Rea all afternoon. ​

  3. DJI Spark – Approx £300


    Okay, so it’s not cheap, but if you’ve had a good year financially then the DJI Spark is the perfect gadget for car lovers who are also mad about their tech. The DJI Spark is a drone that will follow and film your car lover wherever they go, whether they’re doing doughnuts in the local supermarket car park (and their subsequent arrest) or doing laps on a track day. Simply put the DJI Spark in ‘follow me’ mode and this clever cam will do the rest. With its 16-minute battery life, just make sure they don’t go too far!  

  4. Automatic cordless tire inflator – prices vary


Okay, that’s definitely enough fun for one Christmas. Let’s think a bit more practically. We all know just how important it is to keep your tyres properly inflated, but simply staring at them for a few seconds and giving them a quick kick is not the most scientific way to check them. The automatic cordless tyre inflator is the answer to the car lovers’ dreams. Not only does it produce an accurate PSI reading but it also automatically shuts off when the desired PSI has been reached.

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