The Best Cars Depending on Terrain

It’s certainly not the case that all cars are created equal. While your convertible sports car might be a joy to drive in the summer months, if we have a repeat of the Beast from the East any time soon then that leaky roof and the low ground clearance will certainly pose some problems. The same can be said for your SUV. During the winter months it will come into its own, but it will also guzzle more fuel than necessary and be a nightmare to park at other times of the year.

Best Cars Depending on Terrain​

Here in the UK, you can be sure that any vehicle you buy will have to cope with all sorts of weather and road conditions, but just what are the best cars for different types of terrain?

1. Winter driving – Suzuki Vitara

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The British winters seem to be becoming more extreme, which means a car capable of getting you from A to B needs to be able to cope with wet and slippery conditions but also plenty of ice and snow.

The old Suzuki Vitara might have become a figure of fun but the new model is a different beast altogether. For its price, with entry-level models costing less than £15,000, we believe the Suzuki Vitara is just about the best winter driving vehicle for the money.

The top-spec models come with four-wheel drive, which provides the increased grip you need to handle the wintry driving conditions. But with its high ground clearance and relatively light weight, even the two-wheel model should prevent you from getting stuck in anything other than the heaviest snow.

In really wintry terrain, we recommend taking your Vitara to the next level with the addition of a good set of snow tyres. You’ll then be able to handle just about every type of terrain the UK can throw at you.

2. A car for all seasonsSkoda Octavia Scout

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The Skoda Octavia is an extremely competent all-rounder that combines excellent ground clearance for the winter months with the dependability, comfort and build quality you look for all year round. What makes the Octavia Scout our particular favourite ahead of the standard estate model is the addition of four-wheel drive and raised suspension, which combine to provide plenty of grip and assurance on rough roads. With prices starting at £26,380, the Octavia Scout might not be suited to everyone’s taste or budget, but with relatively low running costs and plenty of space for all the family, we think it represents good value.

3. City driving – Ford Fiesta hatchback

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The Ford Fiesta is consistently named Britain’s favourite car and the latest model is arguably the best to date. Not only does it look the part inside and out, but it also packs plenty of the features you would typically expect from a much larger vehicle.

The new Fiesta also boasts a surprising amount of interior space and more safety kit than ever before, allowing you to take on almost any road condition in comfort, although it will struggle in heavy snow and ice. There are also low running costs, with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions both down, while insurance and servicing are competitively priced.

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