Mobile Motor Trade Insurance: Options to Keep You Moving

Motor Trade Insurance; liability cover; mobile businessIn our 24-hour mobile service culture, it's no surprise that the motor trade sector should be any different. Customers now expect assistance and repair solutions around the clock, wherever they are located, making it a prosperous time for mobile mechanics.  Therefore it is imperative that anyone involved in mobile repair solutions is adequately covered with the right motor trade insurance.

We’re reaching peak travel times in the summer calendar. July 23rd and 24th are the dates when most British state schools break for the summer, placing undue pressure on Britain’s roads, airports and ferries from Friday until Sunday. It’s a sobering fact that during the last UK Bank Holiday, the RAC reported that 22 million drivers went on leisure trips over a single weekend. That’s a lot of cars, and a massive potential for breakdowns and repairs.

Motor Trade Insurance Options

Ideally, those working as a mobile mechanic in the motor trade sector will need cover for technical operatives working in a mobile capacity from a van, right through to those who operate from garages or other specialist mechanical workshops.

When it comes to choosing the right motor trade insurance, you need to consider all elements of the risk including the vehicles you operate, Public and Employers’ liability cover, as well as equipment cover for machinery and tools, both mobile and fixed.

It is important to remember that your motor trade insurance should cover apprentices and young members of your team for driving vehicles on a motor trade basis. Taking out such a policy ensures it is flexible enough to accommodate mechanics of all shapes and sizes, including those who work privately outside of their everyday garage work.

Tailor your mechanic insurance policy

As well as insurance cover for your own vehicles, your policy should encompass movement of other vehicles whilst they’re being worked on, towed and transported.  Remember to tailor your policy so that it covers your business, from small individual breakdown agents to garages and fleet operators.

Quick insurance checklist

  • Cover should be ideal for Mechanical, Service, Repairs, Valeting, Parking & Storage, Collection & Delivery.
  • Public and Employers’ Liability should be considered.
  • Accommodation of cover for apprentices and young drivers.
  • Premises stock, fixtures & fittings, tools & mobile equipment.
  • Road Risks cover for customers’ vehicles, as well as own business vehicles.

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Other news

Whether you are a classic car restorer or collector, enjoy it as a hobby or operate from a business premises, you are likely to have many high-end and extremely rare and expensive vehicles on your premises. Making sure you have the right motor trade insurance in place to keep your assets protected is a top priority.

If you are considering selling cars for a living, basing your business at home could be a better option to help keep overheads down while you learn more about running your own company. Putting the right car dealer at home insurance in place is also an essential source of protection for all motor trade businesses and a priority when setting up.