Mechanic Insurance In The Motor Trades Sector

Mechanic insurance, motor trade insuranceJust because mechanics aren’t usually front and centre in the motor trades industry, doesn’t mean they should ignore insurance coverage. In fact, with a host of new technologies and compliances being introduced, insurance for mechanics is more important than ever.

Whilst new car sales have fallen at a considerable rate, the number of licensed cars on UK roads remains relatively constant at approximately 38 million vehicles. As car owners hang onto their vehicles for longer periods, this imposes the need for more frequent safety checks and a greater responsibility for the garage mechanic. 

In December 2017, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), the industry body that monitors standards and training across the UK network, asked 34,000 people from independent garages and manufacturing groups across the UK whether they thought a licence to practise was good for the mechanics and repair industry. A whopping 98% agreed that the government should standardise the industry to maintain regulations and safety.

At the same time,  the UK Government urged that all new cars on sale after the year 2040 must be either electric or hybrid.  The IMI has specified that garage mechanics should receive specific tuition when working on eco cars to protect them from potentially dangerous electrical systems. 

Mechanic Insurance Matters Most

When all this is put together, it places an inordinate pressure on an industry already suffering a skills shortage. Mechanics, either a one-man band fixing and repair operation or a garage servicing or carrying out MOT’s at a motor trade retailer, all need appropriate insurance coverage.

So what coverage may a mechanic need? Here are the options:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Public Liability Cover
  • Employers’ Liability Cover
  • Product Liability Cover
  • Service Indemnity

As a mechanic operating in a mobile capacity from a van, right through to those who operate garages or other specialist mechanical workshops focusing on niche repairs - you’ll need coverage.

Policies can cover all elements of the risk including vehicles, liability cover for both Public and Employers’ liability (essential if you have employees), as well as equipment cover for fixed plant and machinery and tools, as well as mobile equipment.

Correct insurance is crucial for anyone working within this field, regardless of whether you are full or part time, home-working or from a dedicated garage location. It can cover machinery, tools, the premises and its contents, and covers you to drive customer cars for testing and diagnosis. Remember, though, if you have Third Party Only and have an accident while examining or diagnosing a customer’s vehicle, your insurer only pays out to cover the third-party costs.

Motor Trade Insurance for MechanicsYou can also get motor trade cover for apprentices and young members of your team when driving vehicles for motor trade usage, this can cover you for your liability to other people or damage to their property. Tailor-make your coverage even if you work privately outside of your everyday garage work.  You can also take out Public Liability insurance that protects your business should any members of the public injure themselves as a result of your negligence.

There are also specialist insurance policies for crash repairers and panel beaters as well as those mechanics working on vintage and high-performance cars needing specialist attention in finishing and carriage works.

If you have an existing policy with another insurer, the easiest way for Tradex to match and hopefully beat both the cover and price you currently have is for you to provide us with your renewal schedule from the other company – this ensures we build a policy that continues the cover you have enjoyed previously.

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