Wedding Chauffeur Insurance: Covered for the Big Event

wedding charffeur insurance 

The warm summer days herald the beginning of the wedding season in the UK. New figures from wedding planner website found that the average cost of hosting a wedding was £32,273 in 2018. And according to research of 2,000 people, conducted by American Express, it’s all adding up – with a wedding costing guests on average a whopping £391.

Weddings are never cheap and specialist chauffeur driven hire cars often top the charts in the expense stakes with a whole host of options to choose, from horse drawn carriages and stretch limos, to niche vehicles such as VW campervans and eco-friendly cars, or classic British marques such as Bentley and Rolls Royce. Making sure you have the correct chauffeur insurance or private hire insurance can all help the day go as smoothly as possible.

Ensuring the perfect day

For the private hire transport owner, there can be a dizzyingly wide range of insurance options you should consider, ensuring that your guests enjoy that slice of luxury on their perfect day.

If you’re thinking about setting up in the wedding chauffeur sector, it is worth investigating what type of car insurance you will need depending on who will drive the cars and what type of cars you will be using, as well as specialised factors for weddings such as occasional use and low mileage, together with the location it’s to be used in. You will definitely need to take out a specialist private hire or chauffeur insurance, which offers protection for both the driver and passengers.

Additional costs to consider

While still a popular choice for weddings, vintage and classic cars can be expensive when it comes to your insurance premiums. In addition, the running costs and upkeep can deter many, especially those who do not run their own garage and repair shop. Bear in mind too that the cost of cleaning or replacing damaged bespoke fittings within a classic car can often run into thousands.

Tradex’s specialised chauffeur insurance policy is exclusively designed for chauffeurs with executive saloons or MPVs used for corporate contract work or special pre-booked events.

You should look at ​taxi insurance cover for either single vehicles or fleets and also allow an extension for Hire & Reward that allows chauffeurs to drive their customers’ vehicles to special events. 

Look also at insuring self-employed drivers or those who drive as part of a contract, as well as fleet risks and businesses of mixed use which can include public hire, private hire and chauffeuring work.   

Private hire insurance will cover you to pick up customers that have pre-booked a journey with you. Public hire insurance will allow you to pick up customers from the street or a taxi rank and should include Public Liability, Personal Accident, Breakdown and Windscreen cover as standard. At Tradex we also provide taxi fleet insurance for minicab firms, local roadside assistance and local recovery personal accident cover.

Call Tradex on 020 7480 6699 to find out the many options open to your private hire and wedding chauffeur business.

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