Securing Your Van & Its Contents

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Improving the security of your van not only prevents costly thefts, it can also help you save on insurance too. At Tradex we like to help our customers save money and protect their business at the same time. In part two of our van security article, we take a look at some of the most popular van protection products on the market today. 

If you use your van for work or have a fleet of vehicles, it’s likely that they are full of expensive tools and equipment. If your van is or stolen or broken into, it can not only be costly to replace the lost items, you’ll also spend a lot of time dealing with police and your insurance company – time that could be better spent working.

Boosting your van security not only deters criminals, it can also lead to cheaper motor trade insurance premiums – as a lot of insurers will see your well-protected van as less of a risk to cover. This is especially important when it comes to fleet van insurance, where multiple vehicles are covered.

Steering Wheel Locks

Conventional steering wheel locks are one of the most successful anti-theft devices for vans due to their high visibility deterrent to devious crooks. It’s known for being the most difficult-to-bust van devices and has the seal of approval from security experts Thatcham as well as UK police forces.

Most insurance companies recognise that having a steering lock can seriously reduce your van insurance premiums. The van steering wheel locks come in various sizes so ensure you get the right size for your steering wheel.

 GPS Trackers

If you’ve ever had a van stolen, you’ll know that it’s highly unlikely you’ll get it back. However, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has now made vehicle trackers a relatively inexpensive and effective option for van owners looking for peace of mind that, even if their van is stolen, they will be able to recover it quickly. Some of the more updated systems also combine private alarms, letting the owner know via smartphone app if the van is meddled with or moved.

 Spare Wheel Locks

When you’re out on the road, having a spare wheel is vital if you are to avoid lengthy delays due to breakdown and expensive tyre fitting.  Unfortunately, a lot of van spare tyres are easily unscrewed from the outside, making them easy targets. A spare wheel lock ensures that the driver is the only person who can access the toggle from inside the van. And priced at less than the cost of a new wheel, it’s certainly a worthwhile investment to consider.

 Catalytic Converter Lock

Your van catalytic convertor contains a variety of precious metals, including platinum and palladium, all of which prove attractive to thieves who sell it on as valuable scrap. A ‘cat’ lock renders removal extremely difficult. Although not necessarily a cheap option, for those involved in fleet management this could be a worthwhile investment.

Ladder Lock

For a lot of van traders your ladder is a valuable piece of kit. Now you can find lightweight lockable clamp systems to keep roof-mounted ladders safe and secure, even when loading and unloading. The minimal cost involved provides great peace of mind.

 Van Door Locks

Van door locks often link two rear doors together with a strong lock – making it very difficult for robbers to pry the doors open. Buying an extra door lock is a great investment and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit. For extra security, make sure to get them fitted by a professional and check that they are compatible with your van.

 Storage Vaults

A secure inner van storage system really helps to deter thieves. Safeguarded tool chests and a lockable roof tube for safely transporting pipes or scaffold are just a couple of options, but you could also consider drawer systems and chests.

Window Film

Window security film prevents thieves from opportunistically smashing your windscreen or side windows. It can deflect attacks entirely or capture shattered glass between two layers, preventing flying glass inside the van.

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