Fleet Insurance – What’s Available?


f you’re running a business with a number of vehicles on the road, you’re running a fleet and invariably you’re the fleet manager. A fleet could be classed as a few private hire taxis to a stable of minibuses or a portfolio HGV self-drive hire vehicles.

Your fleet of vehicles is an important part of your business and the impact it can have if one of them is out of action can be considerable. To avoid any losses to your business, you want to get back on the road as quickly as possible.

 To this end, fleet insurance options are as varied as the businesses it covers. For those who operate any form of the vehicle fleet, it is time to look at the best insurance options to cover all liabilities and eventualities.

For fleet insurance, it is up to the fleet owner/manager to obtain the cover that closely associates with your business activity. You really become the architect of your own fate and it’s important that your insurance company understands the nature of your business and its potential pitfalls. You really need to get the right policy for your fleet, whether you’ve got a fleet of courier bikes or any other types of vehicles.

Many Options - Single Solution

 For a complicated fleet set up, it often pays to keep it simple. Having one insurance policy that covers your entire fleet of vehicles means just one simple and convenient renewal date.

 Key benefits of fleet insurance 

  • With all vehicles under one policy premium costs could be reduced.
  • Fleet policies can provide cover for any driver to avoid the need for constant driver changes
  • It’s easier to manage your fleet under one insurance policy
  • Multiple addresses can be noted under one policy

Whether you own a small fleet of taxis or a large mixed fleet containing vans, buses, cars, courier motorcycles and other vehicles, you can place them all under a single motor fleet insurance policy that will cover everything you need. And remember an established fleet with a good claim’s history can often garner some great discounts.

Your business needs can be complicated, which is why fleet insurance can also provide cover for foreign use, protection for personal belongings and trailers attached or connected to a vehicle insured under the policy. 

Generally, there are three distinct levels of cover within a typical fleet insurance policy:

  • Comprehensive Cover giving you the most protection.
  • Third-Party, Fire & Theft.
  • Third-Party Only our most basic level of cover.

 Tailor-make Your Policy 

One of the great things about some types of fleet insurance is that you can set some restrictions when arranging your policy. Arranging an Any Driver policy means that anyone meeting the set policy criteria can drive vehicles insured under the policy.

So, you could theoretically have anyone who meets the relevant insurance conditions (age, driving history, convictions, etc) drive without the hassle of having to contact your insurer to check details and add them on to the policy.

Or you might want to specify Named Drivers for each vehicle instead, which can save you money in the long run as well as bringing peace of mind. This might be suitable, for example, if there are a limited number of the driver including some younger drivers as this could keep costs down. 

You could also increase the voluntary excess on your policy which should reduce your premium.

If you opt to include Telematics or Cameras in your vehicles this can reduce premiums in addition to giving you the opportunity to monitor how your vehicles are driven.   

At Tradex the fleet policies we offer provide protection for:

  • Loss or damage to vehicles included on your Fleet policy
  • Damage to your vehicles’ windscreens and windows (If included and under comprehensive cover).
  • Replacement locks if your keys are stolen
  • Help towards medical expenses

Tradex provides fleet insurance throughout the UK; from small fleets right through to large taxi fleets who hold contracts in specific areas. For more information contact us on 0333 3133030 (option 2)

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