Most Popular UK Van Locks

 Most Popular UK Van Locks

It might be the festive season, a time to put your feet up after a hard year, park up the van and relax with family and friends. But before you do it’s worth considering some sobering figures from government sources. Home Office statistics show the number of vehicles stolen in Britain has almost doubled in the past five years. In 2017-18, 112,000 cars were stolen – up from 75,308 in the 2013-14 financial year.

And the West Midlands has been branded a van theft hotspot after more than 1,600 vans were stolen last year. It comes as part of a 29 per cent national increase across the UK. Police forces around the country received roughly 3,385 cases of tool theft from vans last year, equating to roughly 65 cases a week – or nine cases each day.

You can quickly reduce your theft risk by making sure your van is locked up with all the windows shut when you leave it for any length of time. Thieves also like vans that are parked in dark, secluded areas as they'll attract less attention when stealing than if your van is left in a busy, brightly lit area.

So, if you haven’t already put some steering locks on your Santa wish list, there’s plenty of time in the January sales to protect your assets.

Here’s Tradex Magnificent 7 van steering locks. To ramp up your van theft protection. 

  1. Stoplock Van Lock: Vans are more likely to be targeted for their contents, rather than for the vans themselves. This easy-to-use lock fits to rear or side doors and comes with a theft-proof mechanism. A chrome-plated hardened steel padlock with three keys ensures your tools are safe and secure this can also be used on lockups and sheds. It comes with a one-year guarantee.


  2. Disklok: Officially approved by insurance research body Thatcham, Disklok is pitched as the ultimate in van security. With a steering wheel cover design and anti-drill and anti-pick technology, the Disklok has police-preferred accreditation. Its design means it just spins when you try to apply force with tools. It’s a heavy-duty device and is perfect for vans that aren’t driven very often, so great for when vans are in storage as part of a fleet.


  3. Stoplock: Stoplock is a name tantamount with van security since the days before other electronic devices were ever a thing. This highly visual lock means a visual deterrent and it quickly and effortlessly feeds through the van steering wheel and locks. Removal is just as easy so is perfect for vans that are constantly on the move or in different locations.Stoplock’s design makes for easy storage in the van.


  4. Carpoint “Elephant” Steering Lock:This is an easy-to-fit, ‘pull to expand’ steering wheel lock. It’s best suited to small vans with steering wheels no bigger than 36cm. The pliant coating prevents any scratches or damage to the steering wheel and its red colour is highly visible even in the dark. This is a great budget lock for the small independent van trader.


  5. Master Lock Car Anti-Theft Device: Also good for smaller vans and independent traders the Master Lock anti-theft device hooks the brake pedal to the steering wheel, preventing any thief’s ability to gain access to the van and then drive it away. The bright crimson colour is an eye-catching preventative and the hardened steel construction makes for robust resistance to cutting and hammering. You can also use this device as a bike rack stabiliser so it’s great for the weekends with the kids.


  6. Streetwize Urban X Steering Wheel Lock: The vivid yellow disc covers the entire steering wheel acting at first as a visual preventative. It acts similar to the Disklok but comes at a considerably cheaper price.


  7. Stoplock Pulsar With Flashing Light: This has a large flashing LED on the arm and is lightweight and convenient, with snap-shut locks, long, slender designs and no hooks to get snagged.

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