Top 10 Car Cleaning Products to Spruce Up Your Business

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With cars being left undriven on forecourts for considerable time and the increased need for interior sanitisation, keeping cars clean and fresh is a top priority. We take a look at some of the top cleaning products to get your cars back in tip top condition and keep the interiors sparkling.

According to used car price specialists Cazana, purchase of large petrol cars has gone up by two per cent, the luxury petrol car sector has risen 1.13 per cent, small petrol cars are up 0.4 per cent and medium petrol cars a fraction at 0.09 per cent. Auto Trader recently told Car Dealer Magazine that used car prices have held firm during the lockdown – with some marginally rising. So, with your forecourts opening up to the public once more, now is a great time to rejuvenate your stock.

As you get to work on your cars, you might also want to check your motor trade insurance or car dealership policy to make sure you are covered for any liability just in case of any accidental damage while doing the spruce up.

Making a Checklist

Before you begin your interior cleaning regime it pays to make a checklist of those vehicle areas that need extra special attention. These include:

  • The driver’s area: The steering wheel, including horn and information controls (Bluetooth, cruise control etc), wipers and indicator arms, ignition and power button, glove box, storage and cupholders.
  • The dashboard area: Aircon vents, both passenger and central, the gear stick and housing, radio, satnav and MP3/CD player and heating controls.
  • Roof and doors: Door handles and releases, door pockets, window switches, interior lights and grab handles.
  • Common areas: Seatbelts and clips, seat adjust controls, head rests and seat pockets.
  • Boot interior and/or the parcel shelf.


Products for Cleaning

  1. The Halfords Upholstery Cleaner is an inexpensive all-purpose furnishing cleaner which is ideal for spot removal and for tackling small areas. It’s strong enough to get rid of soiling from soft drinks, coffee and kid’s chocolate and its spray and wipe application makes it simple to use. Its quick drying formula makes the whole cleaning process effortless. 
  2. Autoglym Interior Shampoo is fantastic on upholstery and plastic surfaces – in fact anywhere in the cabin of the car and on the outside as well. From the steering wheel to the headrests, it cuts through grime and polishes superbly. Note also that for leather, Autoglym recommends using its specialist cleaner.
  3. Chipex Factory Finish doesn’t just remove the dirt, it helps to prevent re-soiling. For use on both soft and hard surfaces it leaves a vehicle with a pleasant scent and its anti-static finish will achieve a dust-free interior much longer than other cleaners on the market.
  4. Turtlewax Dash and Glass does two jobs for the price of one, namely plastics and windscreens. It can polish out any water marks, hard surface residues or grease spots while still keeping the cabin bright and fresh smelling. It also offers UV protection and features of natural preserves such as aloe vera, vitamin E and cocoa butter.
  5. Halfords Dash & Trim Cleaner is an affordable cleaner that adds a protective layer to the vehicle’s dashboard, preventing the material from cracking, drying or fading in the sunlight. The cleaner also restores colour which can instantly renovate the look of your vehicle’s interior.
  6. Armor All Multi-Purpose Cleaner is safe on exteriors and interiors (except leather). Spray it on those stubborn stains and ground-in dirt on carpets or get to work on grease marks and grunge to get the vehicle back to showroom standard. From oil spots to grease and tar.
  7. Auto Finesse Total Interior is suitable for regular use on plastic, vinyl, rubber, cloth or carpet. Its foaming formula tackles those hard-to-remove grimy spots resulting in a ‘just cleaned’ fragrance without leaving any residue.
  8. Dodo Juice Total Wipe Out’s colourless foam spray is tough on dirt and can be used anywhere inside the vehicle. It just needs a rinse off but is good to get the vehicle in tip-top condition for the forecourt.
  9. Black Diamond Super Clean is a good all-rounder on a variety of surfaces, such as plastics, fabrics, carpets and leather. Its optical brighteners bring fabrics back to life and leave them looking showroom ready. A two-minute soak-in loosens the dirt and dust before removing it effortlessly.
  10. CarPlan Interior Valet with Brush is great for carpets and upholstery. Slightly pricier than its competitors,  this strong foam cleaner nevertheless includes a brush and a stain guard to repel dust. Its fresh citrus scent is an added bonus for any would be motor trade valeter.

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