Top Nine Best Apps for Taxi Drivers

Top Nine Best Apps for Taxi Drivers

From Google Maps to Drivermatics, we look at some of the best and most useful mobile and smartphone apps that will boost your taxi business both private hire and hackney cab.

It’s now virtually impossible to recall the days before mobile telecommunications, especially in the taxi business. As a hackney cab you were either flagged down from the side of the road or given your directions over a crackly two-way radio from the private hire ‘control centre’.

Apps now dominate in the smartphone market and why should the motor industry be excluded? If you’re in the private hire or public hire taxi business, you need to stay ahead of your game (and the competition) especially when business is tight.

As specialists in private hire taxi insurance and public hire taxi insurance, we like to make our client’s lives as stress-free as possible. Here is our guide to some recent apps to make your life just that little bit easier.

  1. Google Maps (IOS & Android) - Free

    This free app is the most popular for all taxi drivers. It takes you exactly where you want to go, via the fastest, most clear routes and the most up to date maps available. Voice control ensues you never make a wrong turn again and distance tracker is a useful guide for those calculating price per mile/km. Who needs The Knowledge in London when you have this?

  2. Waze (IOS & Android) - Free

    Another app making a big impact in the world of in-car navigation is Waze. It gives you information on real-time traffic conditions, speed cameras and accidents. Your fellow road users can add reports on why there might be a traffic jam or hold up, so you can plan or change your route accordingly.

  3. Radarbot (IOS & Android)

    Avoid those pesky penalty points, protect your business and enjoy safer driving with the only application that combines real-time traffic alerts and speed camera detection, allowing you to stay confident and aware on the road. 

  4. PetrolPrices (IOS & Android) - Free

    This one is perfect for the taxi vehicle owners who are constantly on the lookout for the best deal in fuel costs. The PetrolPrices handy app lets you know the location of the cheapest petrol garages near your location. EV taxi drivers might want to consider PlugShare (IOS & Android) which shows you the nearest charging stations for electric cars.

  5. JustPark (IOS & Android) - Free

    Finding a parking space can be nerve-racking, especially if you’re driving in unfamiliar surroundings. JustPark lets you to find and reserve parking spaces easily, lets you pay for a space in-app and includes a variety of options such as municipal and private car parks and private driveways. And a helpful hint for taxi drivers working from home: whilst you’re out earning you can even list your own home parking space on the app – and charge the user for it too! 

  6. AroundMe (IOS & Android) - Free

    It’s the end of your shift and you’re tired and hungry in a strange town. But you also need to find the closest ATM? AroundMe is perfect for times where you’re driving in an unfamiliar area because it allows you to accurately locate the nearest cash machines, restaurants, petrol stations and more – whether for your passengers or for yourself. You can even book a hotel via the app if it’s an unexpected overnighter.

  7. MileIQ (IOS & Android) - Free

    This app is an absolute must for an independent taxi owner who uses their car for social and well as business purposes. If you’re racking up a lot of miles for business and you’re stressed keeping track of all the journeys covered and fuel consumed, then you may need some extra support. MileIQ uses your phone’s GPS and clock to routinely track each of your journeys, including the start and stop times as well as total miles driven. You can even define the rate per mile and export your business or social miles to a spreadsheet.

  8. FlightRadar24 (IOS & Android) - Free

    If you’re a regular on the airport runs, then this handy app is perfect for you. You can track any flight into the country, so you can be ready and waiting to collect your passengers. Flightradar24 shows real-time commercial aircraft flight tracking information on a map. It includes all the flight information, origins and destinations, flight numbers, aircraft types, positions, altitudes and speeds.

  9. Drivermatics (IOS & Android) - Free

    If you don’t have a dash cam, this app is the next best thing. With a slick display, easy-to-use interface and accurate driving data, the Drivermatics app offers distance, speed and GPS positioning, plus it’ll monitor you’re driving and place you on a league table against other motorists. Data capture – but not video – runs in the background and navigation is built in, with a choice of Google, Waze and Apple apps. The SOS button can connect to breakdown or emergency services. Rated five stars by Auto Express.


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