• Guidelines for Transporting Dangerous Goods

    As a courier you may specialise in transporting dangerous goods or be assigned the task of transporting dangerous goods from time to time. If you are given this task, there are certain rules and regulations you would have to adhere to, in terms of how you pack and label the goods and the training of the staff that are going to be handling the goods.

  • Driving In Hot Weather Safety Tips

    Here in the UK a brief period of warm weather fell upon us over the weekend. Despite the uncertainty of when the temperature will rise over 20 degrees again, we’ve put together our tips for driving in hot (or even moderately warm) weather.

  • Tesla to Produce Affordable Electric Cars

    California-based automaker Tesla have announced plans to enter the affordable electric car market in 2017.

  • Car Tax Reform Causing Consumers to Pay Double Tax

    Consumers are facing having to pay double car tax when selling their used vehicles.

  • 10 Surprising Facts about the London Black Cab

    The iconic London black cab is synonymous with London culture. However, there are many things about the London black cab and the trade which many (even Londoners) are unaware of.

  • Evolution of the Black Cab: Find Out More

    The black cab has changed throughout the years and further efforts are being made to ensure that they are made more environmentally friendly. Only recently, the new Metrocab was unveiled in an effort to meet the Mayor’s demands that all London taxis should be capable of running in zero-emission-mode from 2018.

  • Top 5 Unusual London Attractions

    If you’re a regular visitor in London you may tire of visiting the more well-known attractions. We’ve compiled a list of 5 things to do in London which are a little more on the unusual side. We wonder how many of these attractions black cab drivers would have to memorise to get that much coveted green badge.

  • Top 6 Taxi Apps You Should Be Using

    Booking a cab has never been easier. Long gone are the days where it was from necessity that individuals had to stand on the roadside to hail a cab. Now, people can order one from the comfort of their living room with a click of a button on their smartphone.