How can I update my Motor Insurance Database record?

There are various ways to update your record with vehicles for the Motor Insurance Database

Tradex Direct Customers

  1. Tradex Website
    Update your MID online via the “My Policy” section – click here to register 
  2. Via your Broker
    If you took your policy out with a Broker, then please contact the Broker direct

Tradex Brokers

  1. Tradex Broker Website
    Update your clients MID online via the “On Cover” section – click here to login
  2. Refer your client to the Tradex direct website
    Your clients can register either on the Tradex Website – click here, or with the Trade Check SMS facility – click here

Removing Vehicles from the Database?

When you sell any vehicles, release possession or dispose of any, you must remember to update the MID.

Do not risk losing your no claim bonus, you may still be liable for a vehicle that has not been removed and be contacted about insurance claims that have nothing to do with you, especially if you’re proof of sale does not contain the full name and address of the new owner.

Failing to provide updates may also help uninsured drivers evade detection as the vehicle will be incorrectly linked to your insurance policy.

To remove vehicles please refer to “How can I update my MID record”

Correcting Vehicle Information?

The accuracy of the vehicle information you provide is vital. If you realise that some of your vehicle details are wrong please amend immediately. You can do this via the Tradex website or the Trade check facility. Simply delete the incorrect vehicle entry and then submit the correct details.

When was the Motor Insurance Database (MID) introduced & why?

European Legislation (4th Motor Insurance Directive) introduced in January 2003 requires that all Member States maintain a national database that contains details of every insured vehicle. These databases are designed to make it easier to pursue cross-border claims, and also help with the enforcement of compulsory motor insurance requirements in the UK.

Which Vehicles should be added?

All vehicles insured on your motor trade policy and all trade plates owned should be added to the MID including:

  • All Permanent vehicles registered to, owned by or leased to you
  • Temporary vehicles such as courtesy or short term hire vehicles
  • Customers’ vehicles whilst in your custody or control for your trade business
  • Other vehicles, irrespective of the duration, regularly covered under your policy for your motor trade business

The regulation states that vehicles must be updated immediately. It should therefore be done as soon as possible preferably on the same day.

Untaxed stock vehicles (i.e. driven on trade plates) need not be notified but you can add them if it is easier for you to notify every vehicle.

When should the vehicles be updated?

In terms of your insurance cover you must notify the MID immediately of vehicles being used on the road and to ensure maximum benefit of your policy.

For your own protection we recommend when driving a vehicle that is not on the Motor Insurance Database you carry proof of your valid motor trade insurance. However be aware if the vehicle is not on the database and should they feel a need to, the Police are within their rights to impound your vehicle even if you are carrying proof of your valid motor trade insurance.

If I have a customer’s vehicle in my possession for longer than 2 weeks do I need to put it on my Motor Insurance Database record?

The policyholder should add a customer’s vehicle to the database if it is in the custody of the motor trader for a long period of time and certainly beyond 14 days.

If the vehicle I’m driving is not on the Motor Insurance Database but I have a valid insurance certificate will I be ok?

If the vehicle is owned by you and not included on the MID the insurer could decline all aspects of cover, also even with a valid certificate in your possession the Police could still impound the vehicle if it does not appear on the database. You will be able to retrieve your own vehicle from the compound but will still be charged the applicable fees by the Police.

If the vehicle is SORN do I need to put it on the Motor Insurance Database?

Untaxed own or stock vehicles which are kept off the public road and registered SORN do not need to be notified to the MID but for insurance purposes and to fully protect yourself it is best practice to update the MID with all owned vehicles in your possession.

Do I need to place my trade plates on the Motor Insurance Database?

Motor traders should register their trade places on the MID in exactly the same fashion as they would a motor vehicle.

If my vehicle is impounded by the police for not being on the Motor Insurance Database how can I get it released?

In most cases the police should accept proof of ownership, a valid driving licence and your current insurance certificate provided the vehicle was being used within the terms and conditions of your policy.

What happens at Renewal time?

Tradex will send a current vehicle list at Renewal. It’s important that you check that this is correct and advise Tradex of any additions or deletions. You can do this via the Tradex Website or the Trade Check facility. Failure to carry out these actions means that the vehicle details may not appear correct after the renewal date of your policy and your vehicles will appear uninsured and notified to the police.