• Starting Out in the Private Hire Taxi Business

    The private hire vehicle taxi business remains a buoyant facet of the transport sector in the UK with uptake on the rise year upon year.

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    Whether you run a car dealership, fleet of vans or you may be a sole driver, a car failing its MOT can be a financial drain on your company – from expensive re-tests to vehicles being off the road for a few days.

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    A commercial motor trade insurance policy will be vastly different from standard vehicle cover. Knowing the difference and when you need to upgrade, could make a huge difference.

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  • Van Couriers - Staying Street Legal

    With the gig economy in full swing there’s no better time to be a van courier in the UK, but you still have to adhere to the strict rules and regulations governing your operations; plus be aware of your van or courier insurance liabilities at the same time.

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    In our previous blog Electric Vans and the Motor Trade, we looked at the ever-growing interest in electric vehicles in the UK market.

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    When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, you will find many differences in the benefits that come as standard on some cover, but optional extras on others