• Van Couriers - Staying Street Legal

    With the gig economy in full swing there’s no better time to be a van courier in the UK, but you still have to adhere to the strict rules and regulations governing your operations; plus be aware of your van or courier insurance liabilities at the same time.

  • Electric Vans: The Magnificent Seven

    In our previous blog Electric Vans and the Motor Trade, we looked at the ever-growing interest in electric vehicles in the UK market.

  • The Best Insurance Extras for Your Motor Trade Business

    When taking out a motor trade insurance policy, you will find many differences in the benefits that come as standard on some cover, but optional extras on others

  • Electric Vans and the Motor Trade

    The recent announcement by car companies Hyundai and KIA that they are to invest £85m in UK electric van manufacturer arrival is certainly good news for those seeking cleaner alternatives for UK roads.

  • Motor Trade Insurance for Young Drivers

    If you are a young driver starting out as a courier, driver or mechanic within the motor trade, you may find that getting road risk, van or courier insurance comes at a price, generally quite a high one.

  • Public Liability vs Professional Indemnity Insurance

    When owning a motor trade business, it’s advised that you have public liability insurance. Alongside liability, you may also need professional indemnity insurance.

  • A Guide to Towing and Trailering

    For the majority of people in the motor trade, especially dealers, car jockeys, repossession agents and breakdown specialists, there is often the thorny question of towing and trailering.

  • Does Your Car Need To Be Declared SORN?

    For those of you just starting out in the motor trade business or thinking about renovating classic cars as a hobby, you will probably keep hearing the word ‘SORN’ mentioned.