• Most Popular UK Van Locks

    It might be the festive season, a time to put your feet up after a hard year, park up the van and relax with family and friends. But before you do it’s worth considering some sobering figures from government sources.

  • Do You Need Courier or Haulage Insurance?

    With the busy Christmas delivery season in full swing, your fleet must have the correct insurance. While courier insurance and haulage insurance both specify ‘carriage of goods for hire and reward’

  • 10 Ways to Save on Your Courier & Haulage Insurance

    The life of a courier or haulier often comes with increased risks due to extra mileage to sometimes unknown destinations, fragile or perishable cargo, tight deadlines and the transport of goods that may be prone to theft.

  • Difference between Courier Insurance and Goods in Transit Insurance?

    The courier service industry continues to expand rapidly, providing round-the-clock service for the burgeoning online retail market.

  • Van Trading at Christmas Markets

    According to research by the Local Government Association, Christmas markets attract out of town visitors into cities, promote spending in bars, restaurants and hotels and contributed as much £500m to the economy in 2017.

  • Tool Insurance Claims: Our Quick Guide

    With the worrying statistics that a van is broken into and the tools stolen every 23 minutes in the UK, it’s no wonder that tradesmen are concerned.

  • Safety on the Roads – Employees Have Their Say

    A 2019 UK survey by Driving for Better Business (DfBB), has found that some UK employers might be putting the safety and wellbeing of those who drive for them at risk.

  • Winter Tyres – All You Need to Know

    The arrival of the Beast from the East in February 2018 sent temperatures plummeting to a chilly -10°C, with significant snow fall and the ensuing road chaos.