• Auto Electricians Insurance: A Growing Market

    It's both an exciting and challenging time to be an auto electrician in the motor trade sector. As in-vehicle electronics grow ever more sophisticated, auto electricians are becoming an indispensable part of the motor trade.

  • Mobile Motor Trade Insurance: Options to Keep You Moving

    In our 24-hour mobile service culture, it's no surprise that the motor trade sector should be any different. Customers now expect assistance and repair solutions around the clock, wherever they are located, making it a prosperous time for mobile mechanics.

  • Don’t Let Liabilities Ruin Your Motor Trade Business

    British firms have come a long way since the UK government first started officially recording accident at work statistics. In 1974 there were a recorded 651 workplace accident deaths in the UK.

  • Avoiding a Mess with Your Insurance Policy Excess

    For anyone involved in the motor trade industry, be it sales or repair, the subject of insurance excess always rears its head when discussing policies, premiums and claims.

  • Why the MID is a Motor Traders Best Friend

    According to a report by data firm HPI in February, more than £10m worth of cars were saved from being auctioned off or sent to the crusher after being apprehended by police for no insurance coverage.

  • Need to Make a Claim: Getting Things Resolved Quickly

    We all love our cars, our vans, our motorcycles, but it's a sobering thought that sooner or later you could be involved in a traffic accident.

  • Top 11 Tips For Renewing Your Motor Trade Insurance

    A motor trade business can change considerably over a year, so it’s important that when it comes to policy renewal, you know which aspects of your company can have a significant impact on your motor trade insurance premiums.

  • Why You Won’t Find Tradex on Price Comparison Sites

    Tradex Insurance, the UK’s leading motor trade insurance and taxi insurance specialists, discusses why their bespoke car insurance policies offer greater value for money and quality than the one-size-fits-all comparison packages.