• Should You Switch Your Business to Electric Vans?

    With the benefits of electric vans becoming increasingly clear, it’s no wonder their popularity is on the rise. For those within the motor trade industry and in fleet van management considering switching from diesel and petrol, it’s worth noting the benefits of going electric.

  • How to claim on your motor trade insurance

    If you run a business in the motor trade, it’s important that you and your employees are aware of the steps you need to take to make a claim on your motor trade insurance policy in the unfortunate event of a traffic accident.

  • Do I need business car insurance?

    Could you be driving uninsured without realising it? If you drive to different places as part of your job, you will need to take out business car insurance.

  • Gear up for Mobile Catering Insurance

    With British Summer Time officially declared at the start of April, the UK is gearing up for the festival season. Be it the serpentine queues for loos at Glastonbury, straw hats and strawberries at Wimbledon...

  • What is car Jockey Insurance?

    Car Jockey - it’s one of the very first endeavours many people take up when beginning their career in the motor trade. Being a car jockey is the dream job for anyone who loves driving, but the high level of responsibility...

  • Car Valeting Insurance for the Motor Trades Industry

    Car valeting is big business, with an estimated 20,000 car wash companies operating the length and breadth of the UK, many in disused garage forecourts, pub car parks and other public spaces.

  • How Does Insurance Work for Breakdown & Recovery Businesses

    Vehicle breakdown and roadside recovery is big business for the motor trades sector in the UK. The RAC alone attends over 2.5 million roadside assistance call-outs each year, which equates to almost 7000...

  • Mechanic Insurance In The Motor Trades Sector

    Just because mechanics aren’t usually front and centre in the motor trades industry, doesn’t mean they should ignore insurance coverage. In fact, with a host of new technologies and compliances being introduced...