• How To Set Up A Car Dealership From Home? A Complete Guide.

    If you are considering selling cars for a living, basing your business at home could be a better option to help keep overheads down while you learn more about running your own company. Putting the right car dealer at home insurance in place is also an essential source of protection for all motor trade businesses and a priority when setting up.

  • Get Me Home Service Insurance and Car Jockey Insurance

    If your motor trade business is responsible for moving a customer’s vehicle from one destination to another, whether as a car jockey or a chauffeur who drives a customer’s own vehicle to their home, you will need either Tradex’s get me home service insurance or a car jockey insurance policy.

  • Part-time Motor Trade Insurance

    Taking out a part-time motor trade insurance policy is ideal for anyone who already has another occupation outside of the motor trade and buys or sells vehicles or works on them either as a business or even a hobby.

  • Chauffeur Insurance: A Guide To Getting Started

    If you are great with your customer service skills and enjoy daily driving, becoming a chauffeur could be the ideal career move. Chauffeuring not only gives you the opportunity to drive luxury cars, but you also get to explore many different locations and meet a variety of different people every day.

  • Vehicle Delivery Insurance & Trade Plate Insurance

    Car dealerships and auctions can provide numerous opportunities for people interested in running a car transport business. Whether you are looking to transport vehicles on a low loader, trailer or individually with trade plates, all carry a unique set of risks.

  • Minibus and MPV Insurance Guide

    Operating a minibus or multipurpose vehicle (MPV) for hire or reward can offer greater financial benefits than a saloon taxi only accommodating four passengers and limited luggage. Transporting people to and from the airport, weddings, parties, school, youth groups, the elderly excursions or even shopping expeditions are all more possible with a larger taxi vehicle.

  • A Guide to Breakdown and Recovery Insurance

    It can be both profitable and rewarding to run your own company. One of the of the most popular right now in the motor trade businesses is breakdown and recovery, coming to the rescue of drivers when something goes wrong.

  • Taxi to Food Delivery Driver: Your Insurance Needs

    The UK saw a drastic fall in taxi driver numbers as the COVID pandemic hit, with the demand for public and private hire trips dwindling. Many taxi drivers saw this as the right time to pivot their taxi offering to a food delivery service.