• Boosting your Private Hire Taxi Business

    The COVID pandemic has hit the private taxi hire business hard increasing the need to stay ahead of the competition in a tough market.

  • Commercial Vehicle or Motor Trade Insurance - What is Right for You?

    If you have recently started your own motor trade business, it is likely that your private vehicle insurance will no longer be valid for your needs.

  • Do I Need Courier Insurance for Last Mile Delivery?

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many smaller businesses have managed to stay afloat by taking on outsourced delivery work from larger courier firms, using their own vans for local deliveries.

  • Buying or Leasing Your Van – What Are the Best Business Options?

    If you are setting up a business that requires the use of a van, such as a mobile mechanic or delivery driver, or you need to upgrade from an older vehicle, you have the option of leasing or buying.

  • Taking Your Taxi Electric – Should You Switch?

    Amid all the talk and chatter about the UK Green Deal and the preponderance of EV charging points now available, is it time to invest in an electric taxi or should you wait and join the clamour for a taxi amnesty until the pandemic crisis eases?

  • Chill Out: Choosing a Van Chiller

    With more food deliveries requiring timely supply, many courier van drivers are installing mobile chilling units in their vehicles to make sure they stay compliant and their goods safe.

  • Van Driver Fatigue: Avoid Being Asleep at the Wheel

    Research has shown that van drivers are more likely to fall asleep at the wheel in the early morning (between 2am and 6am) and early afternoon. We look at some of the causes of driver fatigue and the tools and techniques to keep your fleet moving safely.

  • Taxi Trends for 2021

    Here, we take a look at the UK Government’s Office for National Statistics latest Hackney Cab and private hire taxi vehicle figures for the UK showing trends across the 316 licensing authorities in England and Wales.