• I Transport Vehicles... What Insurance Cover Do I Need? Find Out Here

    With the increase of online vehicle purchasing either from dealers or auction sites, there is a growing demand for longer distance vehicle transportation.

  • Which Do I Need? Road Risk or Combined Insurance? Find Out Here.

    Whether your motor trade insurance policy is up for renewal or you are just starting out within the industry, making sure you are covered with the right level and type of insurance for your business will keep you are protected.

  • Brake Replacement – the Most Common Workshop Repair Job

    A recent survey from epyx has found that brake discs and pads were by far the most common job in vehicle repair workshops accounting for 16.3 percent. If you are running a major fleet, this could put a drain on both fleet availability as well as a financial resources.

  • Safe Driving in Winter

    In our previous blog we looked at getting your fleet ready for winter. As well as making sure your vehicles are running well and are winter road ready, fleet managers need to keep drivers updated with safe driving practices.

  • Cab Apps - Stay Legal With Private Hire Apps

    With the rise of mobile-based private hire apps such as Uber and Curb heralding a national network of taxi drivers, we look at the pros and cons of joining a network and its implications for staying legal and insured.

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    If you own a fleet of vehicles, it’s essential all drivers are fully prepared for winter weather driving. From what to pack on longer journeys to necessary vehicle checks before setting out.

  • Tailgating Could Land You In Trouble - Find Out How Here

    In September, Highways England launched its campaign – ‘Don’t be a Space Invader’ – to draw the country’s attention to the hazards of tailgating.

  • Why You Need to Update the MID

    If your main business is in the motor trade or if you buy or sell cars on a casual basis, you need to be aware of the Motor Insurance Database or MID.