• Choosing Taxi Fleet Insurance

    If you are the owner of a taxi fleet or are thinking of expanding your taxi business, getting the right level of cover for all your vehicles can be a challenge, particularly if you renew individual policies annually.

  • How to Start Your Car Valeting Business

    If you are thinking about setting up in the car valeting business, you could be investing in a lucrative new career, particularly if you have a passion for vehicles and great attention to detail.

  • Hackney Carriage & Black Cab Insurance

    As a hackney carriage or black cab taxi driver, finding insurance that suits all your needs can be demanding. Choosing the right insurance company at the right price for your business is important for your livelihood and the smooth running of your service.

  • Finding the Right Mechanical Repairer Insurance

    As a trained mechanic, you spend your time fixing other people’s problems, repairing any damages to their vehicles, and ensuring safe and secure driving. Most activities you do every day will carry a certain level of risk and therefore getting the right type of mechanical repairer insurance is vital.

  • Private Hire Cab Insurance

    If you are thinking of taking up private hire taxi driving as a full-time occupation, or even just part-time to generate some additional income, you will need private hire taxi insurance to protect both you and your business.

  • Your Essential Guide to Car Dealer at Premises Insurance

    Car dealership has always been a lucrative sector of the UK motor trade and if you are looking to establish yourself as a new or second-hand seller of cars and vans, then it’s important that you know the rules and regulations regarding setting up and running your business.

  • Can You Park a Commercial Van at Home?

    If you are driving a commercial van for work, chances are that you will be parking it at home. Whilst there is often nothing wrong with that, there are some legal and van insurance issues that you should be aware of before parking up.

  • Fleet Maintenance for the Summer Months

    With the weather warming up, icy roads and sluggish starts are replaced by overheating engines and malfunctioning air conditioning systems.