• Setting up a Mobile Recovery Service

    With UK COVID lockdown restrictions easing and more cars back on the road, many people will be driving their cars for the first time in months. Vehicle neglect and lack of servicing means that the chances for breakdowns will increase.

  • How Do I Become a Hackney Carriage or Black Cab Driver?

    If you are thinking of becoming a public hire taxi driver, there are several requirements you need including proof of being medically fit, good character without convictions, a clean DBS and taking the knowledge test for your town or city.

  • Setting Up a Small Private Hire Taxi Business

    If you have been a private hire taxi driver for a while and can see a niche in the market for setting up a larger operation, what are the steps you need to take?

  • Why Should I Use an Insurance Broker?

    When looking for a new motor trade insurance policy, the easiest option can often be to jump onto a comparison site. Whilst this can possibly give quick results, it’s quite likely that a cheap deal will not be giving you the coverage you need.

  • Installing Cameras in Your Taxi Fleet – What are the Rules?

    Should you install a security camera in your hackney cab or private hire taxi for your and your passengers’ protection? Here we look at the issues surrounding this including the pros and cons and how it may affect GDPR and your public and private hire taxi insurance.

  • Boosting your Private Hire Taxi Business

    The COVID pandemic has hit the private taxi hire business hard increasing the need to stay ahead of the competition in a tough market.

  • Commercial Vehicle or Motor Trade Insurance - What is Right for You?

    If you have recently started your own motor trade business, it is likely that your private vehicle insurance will no longer be valid for your needs.

  • Do I Need Courier Insurance for Last Mile Delivery?

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many smaller businesses have managed to stay afloat by taking on outsourced delivery work from larger courier firms, using their own vans for local deliveries.